Homeowner Associations

We manage Homeowner Associations. From the developer stage to established communities there is no Association too large nor too small for us. Our philosophy allows us to pay the required attention to each client and issue that may arise.


Our Flat-Fee pricing structure is quite different from other management companies. Our clients find it very convenient to know how much they are spending on management services every month thus allowing them to budget properly every year.

This fee is an all-inclusive package that is carefully designed based on the HOA needs and uniqueness, providing all services required for the HOA to function properly and reach its goals while staying at the same dollar amount every month.

Nothing is unlimited in life. The Out-Of-Scope Services are those that are not included in the Flat-Fee and will be charged separately. Out-Of-Scope services may vary depending on the Package chosen by the HOA.


In all Service Areas we provide 3 different Plan tiers that adapt to the needs of our clients: Basic, Standard and Advance Plans. These Plans can be mixed and matched to meet the Association’s needs and the choice will depend on the level of involvement the Board or Committee have in each process.


  • For HOAs with no amenities, semi self-managed, or with very few homes and services.
  • Limited services included as part of the flat-fee.
  • Affordable for those with a tight budget.


  • The classic choice. It fits all kinds of HOAs looking to professionally manage their properties.
  • Includes all services an HOA usually needs.
  • Competitive price.


  • For busy Board Members without much time to take care of HOA business.
  • Adds several Out-of-Scope and extended services.
  • Premium price.

Included Services Per Plan


Most Affordable


Most Popular


Most Services


Calls & Emails

Storage of digital accounting records

Processing dues payments


Processing invoices

AP Checks

Financial reporting

Prepare annual budget

Update budget Bi-Annually

Homeowner financial record keeping

Collections services

Collection letters

Prepare and mail dues coupons

Establish extra bank accounts as needed

Coordinate Tax Return Presentation with CPA

Coordinate Audit Preparation with CPA


Calls & Emails

Office visits

Process daily mail

Act as a legal address for the HOA

Provide group email addresses for Board Members & ARC

Maintain Membership List

Storage of Association’s records

Scanning of Association’s physical records

Storage of individual property records

Scanning of individual property physical records

Shredding of property records after scanning

Attend quarterly regular board meetings

Attend annual meeting

Annual meeting notice preparation

Annual meeting notice mailing

Attend Board/Committee workshops

Attend special meetings

Special meeting notice preparation

Special meeting notice mailing

Attend onsite meetings

Prepare meeting packets

Prepare meeting minutes

Move forward meeting and Board action items

Management report

Call log report

Meeting room at SPM’s office

Pickup and deliveries

Planning and managing HOA sponsored social events

Insurance: Renew policy

Insurance: New quotes

Insurance claims involvement

Reserve study preparation coordination

Annual filing requirements with SOS & DORA

Prepare status letter requests

Prepare refinance letter requests

Write contracts to sign between the HOA and vendors

Write governing documents stipulations and clauses

Act as liaison between attorney and HOA

Attend court

Printing Requests


Calls & Emails

Receive ARC forms

Scanning of new hardcopy ARC forms

Corroborate checklist of form requirements

Forward complete forms to Committee/Board

Act as ARC (Approve/deny plans)

Form checklist modification

Onsite meetings

Onsite inspection


Calls & Emails

Setup violations process initially

Perform community inspections once monthly

Generate covenant letters

Print and mail covenant letters

Keep digital records of correspondence

Violations report

Inspection with Board/Committee

Onsite meetings


Calls & Emails

Service contract administration

Grounds inspections

Regular Maintenance Work Orders

Recurring services contract renewals

Recurring services multiple proposals

Onsite meetings (Excludes Special Projects)

Special Project Management

Landscape beatification/improvement inspections

Night property inspections

Online / Mobile

Web portal

Mobile app (Android & iOS)

Customer support

Recurring automatic payments

Homeowner billing history

Homeowner ARC module

Homeowner Violations module

Open documents repository

Confidential documents repository

Events calendar with email notifications

Membership directory on demand

Create special pages in Web Portal

Update special pages in Web Portal

Live aging report

Searchable AR module

Invoice approval module

Open violations log module

ARC approval module for Committee or Board

ARC module email notifications

Write/draft E-blasts (Email broadcasts)

Send E-blasts

Text messaging

Zoom meetings platform

Zoom meetings moderation

1 hour included per month

5 included per month

Forward as received

1 included per year

2 hours included per month

10 included per month

1 included per year

Twice per month (Summer)

1 included per year

1 included per month

2 included per month

1 included per month

2 included per month

1 included per year

1 included per year

1 included per month

1 included per year

5 hours included per month

10 included per month

5 included per month

2 included per year

2 included per year

Every week (Summer)

2 included per year

1 included per month

2 included per month

2 included per month

1 included per month

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