Commercial Properties

Since 2015 we started taking on Commercial properties that needed our experience dealing with all the legalities and maintenance that a Commercial endeavor requires. All properties regardless of type can benefit from our services.


Our Flat-Fee structure is quite different from other Management Companies. Our clients find it very convenient to know how much they are spending on Management Services every month thus allowing them to budget properly every year.

This pricing is an all-inclusive package that provides all services required for the Association to function properly for a flat amount of money every month.

Out-Of-Scope Services are those that are not included in the Flat-Fee and will be charged separately.

Examples of Included Services and Out-Of-Scope Services


  • Prepare Annual Budget and update Bi-Annually.
  • Establish and maintain Owner & Association financial records.
  • Answer billing questions and help Owners pay their dues online or by check.
  • Prepare and communicate monthly financial reports.
  • Establish Bank Accounts as needed (Checking, Savings & Reserves).
  • Manage Accounts Payables: Review and verify invoices & prepare and disperse payments.
  • Manage Account Receivable: Issue monthly statement, collect funds and perform collections.
  • Follow established collections procedures and policies as set forth in SB 100 Policies and regulatory agencies.
  • Receive and pay the Association bills every month.
  • Provide storage and scanning of all Associations records.

Online Services

  • Web portal with interactive Association information.
  • Online services are available in the mobile app for Owners and Board members (iOS and Android).
  • Repository for all Association important documents available for download.
  • Events calendar with email notifications.
  • ARC notifications for Board and Committee members.
  • Board member portal with Board specific information and reports.
  • The ability to send email blasts to all emails provided by the membership.
  • Owners can see their billing history.
  • Owners can pay online and set automatic recurrent payments.
  • Owners can submit ARC requests and review their progress.
  • Committee and Board members can see and review all ARC requests right from the web portal.
  • Owners can view their violations and respond to them.
  • Board members can approve invoices from the web portal.


  • Inspect the property on a regular basis and create work orders.
  • Oversee maintenance operations on the property.
  • Meet with contractors to discuss maintenance service specifications.
  • Follow up on contractors’ work to assure work quality and completion.
  • Report to the Board of Directors with updates on the different maintenance work orders.
  • Assist with contract renewals with maintenance contractors.
  • Answer daily calls and inquiries from the membership about maintenance issues.


  • Provide clerical work for the everyday tasks of the Association.
  • Administer Association’s contracts with vendors and suppliers.
  • Attend and coordinate regular, annual and special meetings.
  • Prepare meeting packets.
  • Prepare meeting minutes.
  • Answer daily calls and inquiries from membership.
  • Act as a legal address for the Association.
  • Receive mail addressed to the Association and respond accordingly.
  • Prepare & submit all mortgage & title transfer company inquiries.
  • Develop and maintain Individual Property Records for each property.

Covenant Enforcement

  • Adapt the violation process and procedures to Associations’s needs.
  • Perform property inspections in electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Generate & mail covenant violation letters.
  • Keep digital records of all violations and letters.
  • Provide violation reports for Board members online and upon request.
  • Answer daily calls and inquiries from the membership about violations.
  • Perform yearly inspection with the Board or Committee to clarify inspection expectations.

Out Of Scope Services

  • Texting messages to the membership.
  • Annual filing requirements:
    • Coordinate Review/Audits/Tax Preparation with HOA CPA.
    • Coordinate preparation reserve study.
    • Complete annual Secretary of State Report & DORA.
  • Write contracts to sign between the Association and vendors.
  • Write governing documents stipulations and clauses.
  • Writing special projects specification sheet.
  • Managing special projects.
  • Planning and managing social events.
  • Annual and special meetings preparation and mailing.
  • Billing coupons preparation and mailing.

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